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Prison Facility Advantages

For the first time, prison administrators around the country will be able to see money movement within their prison thanks to the innovative power of blockchain technology.

Concoin's transparency helps equip prison officials with more information to forecast unforeseen events within their institution.

1,566 State Prisons in America
Hold over 1.7 million inmates as of January 2022. These inmates have to rely on the same system that put them in prison to hold their money.
102 Federal Prisons in America
Hold over 300,000 inmates as of January 2017. These prisons have never had access to see the money flow from inmate to inmate.
100% backed and fully transparent
Every Concoin token (US&ON) is pegged 1-to-1 to the U.S. dollar and are backed 100% by Concoin’s reserves. We publish a monthly record of the current total assets and reserves, giving everyone involved the peace of mind that comes with a system that includes clear checks and balances.
Safe and Secure
We design Concoin to be fully secure in a way that traditional currency is not. Inmates don’t have to worry about theft from any source, including hackers and other inmates.
Pumping money back into prisons

The fees collected from inmates' transactions, plus interest payments made from the reserves, will allow states to have funds to start pumping into their prisons

Concoin Kiosk

  • Transfers: The Concoin kiosk is the primary tool for inmates to transfer funds tokens and pay for purchases through the inmate store.
  • Transparancy: Transactions made to and from inmates are viewable to prison officials as all transactions are public on the blockchain.
  • Security: Inmates only need their passwords to access their Concoins. Without their password, there is no way their Concoins can be stolen from them.
  • Trusted: Inmates can rest easy knowing no matter what, their Concoin's are safe, and they will be available to the inmates anytime they need them.
  • Savings: By transfers taking place in just minutes, there will be fewer inquiries into their book balance and transactions made to the correctional officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can prison officials see the transactions from inmates?
Thanks to the innovative power of blockchain technology, all transactions on Concoin are public record, so anyone can see them at any time. The only thing needed is the inmates address (US&ON) wallet example: (0x501906Ce564be7bA80Eb55A29EE31ECfaE41b6f2)
What can inmates do with Concoin tokens?
Inmates will be able to transfer tokens to other inmates, pay for commissary items, and make purchases through the approved prison vendor list.
How are inmates educated about Concoin?
Concoin staff will visit your facility and provide training and materials, and install kiosks, which have interactive, how-to instruction videos.
What is the cost to the prison?
There is no cost to set up Concoin. We provide the appropriate number of kiosks based on the population of the facility.
Additional benefits
By using Concoin, states will have additional resources to allocate towards new programs, upgrades, and more.